Retail Security

Clients in the retail industry must be incredibly concerned with many types of security breaches. Any time a retailer’s network or data is compromised, the negative impact can be significant, from decreased customer confidence to penalties from regulators, reduced profits, and more. We understand the unique pressures our retail clients are facing, and we’re here to help protect them from threats to their networks, sensitive information, and customer data.

Protection Now & into the Future

Validity has all of the best-of-breed hardware and software our retail clients need to be secure yet reliable and nimble. We take pride in positioning retailers for security and success today, tomorrow, and beyond, with protection against known, unknown, and emerging threats. Retailers are an especially attractive target for criminals seeking to steal customer identities and credit card information in vast quantities. This means that the threat landscape is ever-changing and ever-expanding, so retailers must have security that can change and expand with it. That’s where we comes in. Our advanced technology is designed to be incredibly effective for the present, and scalable and adaptable for the future.

Managed Regulatory Compliance

Because of the retail industry’s vulnerability and appeal to cybercriminals, there’s a huge amount of regulatory pressure to operate in total security. Any breach in network and data security can expose our retail clients to stiff penalties, so our diligence and expertise is key to their bottom-line. Our experienced team knows how to navigate the increasingly complex landscape of regulatory requirements. We’re pleased to manage the entire process from analysis to strategy, deployment, and ongoing compliance. This means we take data and network security management off of retail clients’ plates, reducing their management requirements, operational costs, and potential noncompliance penalties.