Ransomware Attack “WannaCry” Still Infecting Organizations in 150+ countries

Ransomware cyber attacks are the preferred method of attack by cybercriminals. WannaCry, the latest global cyber attack, is both alarming and damaging because of the speed and stealth nature of it’s implementation. It’s both a worm and ransomware program which makes it so problematic – because it can spread within and outside your organization. Once infected, it encrypts the data and locks out the owner until a minimum of $300 in bitcoin is paid. To achieve it’s massive rate of infection to millions of computers and networks – WannaCry ransomware utilized a Windows OS vulnerability that was recently exposed as part of the leaked NSA hacker tools. Even though the patch was made available months ago, older units and browsers did not prevent infection.

The good news: Validity, offers Ransomware and WannaCry protection

Validity, via our partnership with Checkpoint can help you eliminate the threat by stripping the malware that is embedded in the infected phishing emails, and the solutions block malware from reaching endpoint devices and encrypting files. In addition, Check Point IPS and anti-malware solutions block the exploits included in the malware. This gives organizations time needed to patch any vulnerable systems.

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