Mobile Security Risk

As we’ve seen in the news, mobile devices are much less secure than realized. Different operating systems, hardware manufacturers, software and applications result in vulnerabilities that can reach your employees, your company and ultimately your network. In addition, most phone users don’t have sensible protection to secure their own phones and personal data ultimately exposing their employers systems. Vulnerabilities increase as the mobile user install third-party applications, games and software on their their smartphones and tablets that may malicious code or open access to their business data and networks access. Validity will help you look at the potential exposure and offer a full suite of best-of-breed security hardware and software is customized to your operations. If you are small, medium or large business – we provide the consulting and implementation services to secure your mobile endpoints.

Threat Prevention

Validity’s partner network offers the highest level of threat prevention on any operating system – for IOS and Android. With new mobile security threats coming daily our best in breed security partners are proactively tracking existing threats and monitoring future potential threats and ways to thwart attacks and how to handle them if and when they do occur. Our job is to insure that you are aware of the risks and how to mitigate and or eliminate them.