Endpoint Security & Protection

Secure networks are not really secure unless every endpoint is protected. An endpoint includes routers, printers, laptops, desktops, mobile devices, point-of-sale devices and more. Today, more than ever, end point security is crucial as a result of ever increasing network attacks. Companies need to invest in ongoing vigilance of their end point security systems. Sensitive business data can be easily accessed through insecure networks if there are vulnerabilities in software, applications and hardware. Our job is to insure our that our clients, of any size, have a system architecture that prevents advance security threats like bots, worms, viruses, malware, and hacking.


Ongoing Advanced Threats

Each news day brings another story on cyber crime. Large and small institutions are being hacked and attacked at unmanageable rate. Malicious links, phishing scams, software and application back doors put strain on company network architecture to be more robust and forward thinking. A simple mistake of keystroke or application can expose a company’s network instantly to cyber-criminals and a breach in data. These ever changing threats require comprehensive and powerful security to block and control endpoints from being at risk. Validity specializes in providing best in breed hardware, software and technology design to protect every end point in your network including monitoring, policy control, reporting, and security event forensics.

Security Management

Validity specializes in design, implementation, maintenance and support for endpoint security. From setting up remote secure access, access management, security policies and more, we offer a comprehensive overview of the security of your architecture and network.