Data Protection Services

Validity has partnered with the best of breed providers in data protection services to provide the best available technology and flexibility in customizing the right applications for your business. Validity works with small, medium and enterprise companies, government agencies and municipalities to protect their data from loss and vulnerabilities. Our expert team will assess your unique data protection needs and design a customized strategy to optimize your long term security. We will provide ongoing support and monitoring. Our data protection services includes:

  • Encryption
  • DLP
  • Backup
  • Disaster Recovery

A Comprehensive Approach

We take a comprehensive approach to data protection services. Each client has specific needs and uses their data in unique ways. In most cases some customization is required to ensure your security is optimal. Mutiple layers of security, including encryption, data loss prevention efforts, data redundancy and backups, and are required and are often customized to fit your needs. We will ensure that your data is secured at all points along the way including the data center, internal network infrastructure, endpoint devices, and remote accesses points. Validity will analyze and implement data protection security at every level for all users. We offer the best of breed software, hardware, implementation and monitoring.

Loss Prevention

If your company’s data is compromised, lost or stolen – the loss can be catastrophic on many levels. The financial exposure for a company can be easily mitigated with a comprehensive back up plan. Validity offers the best of breed software, hardware and expert design support to provide a cost effective back up plan for any size company. We will provide the strategy and implementation plan for redundant back up to insure your businesses data is protected. A comprehensive data protection strategy is critical and we with our best of breed hardware, technology and expertise we safeguard your company from data security breaches.