Cloud Security

While the usage of the “cloud” offers some amazing benefits – storage, mobility, etc. there are increased security risks that can sometimes outweigh the benefits. The revolution to the cloud has moved very quickly and in in some cases to fast for security purposes. Poor cloud security leaves your data and network exposed to potential hacking and vulnerabilities which can result in loss of data and network disruption. Cloud architecture is complex and the usage of it requires current and constant vigilance. Security threats come in many forms and that’s why having the best in breed partners who are constantly looking for the next threat. With the cloud expanding at an alarming rate and both private and public companies and their employees accessing it – the need for cloud security is more important than ever. Validity and it’s partners offer the best in breed Cloud Security to ensure that your data, network and endpoints are secure.

Securing the Cloud

With so many companies creating private cloud environments for shared computing resources and data the risks increase dramatically. Changes in software, hardware and cloud architecture can results in vulnerabilities that can expose the network and company data with a click of a button. Validity, via it’s best in breed partnerships provide hardware, software and monitoring services to offering the latest in security and threat prevention. For clients opting for a public cloud option through a third-party cloud provider, we offer secure and reliable connectivity to these public cloud systems, protecting data and applications from the very latest advanced threats.

Comprehensive Services

Validity offers a full solution to cloud security. From the initial analysis to the final solution – we will ensure that your cloud network is secure while lowering any risks associated with the benefits of using the cloud. We offer a complete customized cloud security system that just right for your business operations.