Cable and Telecom Data Security

Protecting data in the Cable and Telecom industry is a challenging issue in today’s world especially when looking at VoIP, SIP, SS7, etc. These protocols leave companies vulnerable to hackers and attacks. Today’s hacking tools the complexity and volume of exposure points makes it harder for both security vendors and companies to keeps ahead of the bad guys. There are 2 important areas of focus – SCADA security, as Industrial control systems and systems that monitor and control industrial processes and telecom equipment security.

The Present with a look for the Future

Telecommunication threat map and cyber risk systems such as voice and IP networks are merging. Denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks are one of the top threats facing the industry today. Cyber criminals execute complex attacks on routing protocols, SS7 or DNS infrastructures. There is a critical need for “Always on” services especially for Telecom companies providing cloud based solutions for organizations and clients over the Internet. Alongside the growth of Internet Of Things (Iot), companies required cyber risk mitigations for a zero day attacks and multiple vectors.

Cloud security can lead to privacy worries

Telecom operators are transforming themselves from network companies to cloud service companies to improve inefficiencies in business operations, roll out new applications and services, and store and distribute content. The industry awareness to the Cloud security and cyber risks are enormous.


Cloud computing has been a prerequisite for IoT from the very early days of its evolution and use as the core environment of the presence of IoT wise environments. As the IoT market have a direct connection to upcoming services and required solutions from the Telco industry a strong security measures are a must to insure those cloud based services will remain unharmed and the “Always-On” requirement will preserve.

IoT as a new risk

IoT-enabled devices and their rollouts of 5G will challenge Telcos to face a surge in data usage and at the same time they will also have to deal with privacy and infrastructure security concerns. IoT as a new vector of bandwidth consumption – Thousands of sensors, or actuators, trying to communicate to a single server will create a flood of data traffic which can easily bring down the server.

Threat Intelligence Aspects

The players within the telecommunication cyber arena are governments (NSA, FBI (USA), Mossad(IL), China) well founded hacktivists (Launch mostly DDOs attacks) and many other attackers who targeted one of millions of clients purchasing their services using the telecom company. They will hack the telecommunication provider in order to damage that specific client which means – more clients more attacks.

The motivation for launching such attacks could be spying on devices and customer activities from a singlemultiple points, global fraud campaigns, network crashes and denial of service for thousands of customers.

The Solution

Validity and our partners offer the state of the art software, hardware and expertise to provide solutions for telecom and cable operators. Please contact us for a consultation and learn more about our solutions and services can provide a full scale of protection with the ability of customization for your company’s technology, protocols and needs.