Application Security

Your business network and data can be exposed from vulnerabilities in hardware, software and applications. A typical enterprise application includes the following architectural elements and processes:

  • User interface services
  • Operating system services
  • Business process services
  • Data transmission services
  • Database access services
  • Access to non-database support files

Application security means that each of these application services must be available only to qualified users. At the same time, every component, service, and supporting file must be protected from unauthorized viewing, tampering, or modification. The best way to protect your application’s architectural elements and processes is via proper analysis of the architecture and them implementation of application security software that prevents unauthorized access and tampering by providing user access control, resource and service protection, and audit-ability.

Best in Class Security Software, Hardware, and Implementation

At Validity, we’ve partnered with the “Best in Class” hardware, software and application vendors that provide the latest in network security. Together, we look at what makes your business special, how you systems work and what we can do to customize a program that works best for your business to leverage the security technology to provide you with a manageable system to control access and process privileges for more secure environment.