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  • Protect Your Data
  • Detect Threats
  • Recover from Incidents
  • Demonstrate Compliance

Best in Breed Security Solutions

Validity is an IT Security Value Added Reseller that specializes in Enterprise level solutions for Fortune 1000 companies.  Validity delivers security solutions that help our customers assess their needs, protect data and assets, detect threats and intrusions, recover from incidents and demonstrate compliance.  Together with our strategic business partners, we can deliver best-of-breed IT security solutions according to the industry-specific needs of any organization.

The Problem

ProblemValidity acts as a single point of contact for Network Security, Data Security, Security Management/Compliance, and Secure Mobile Infrastructure with several best-of-breed partners for a solution to a particular set of security problems tailored to your enterprise.

Your Solution

TheSolutionValidity offers both On-Premise and Cloud-Based Security Solutions to solve many of the complex enterprise problems such as Mobile Malware, Man-in-the-browser attacks (MitB), Bring your own device (BYOD), and Boundary-Networking Devices.

Why Now?

WhyNowSecurity is more than just determining which users have access to applications and data. Compliance also isn’t enough. What’s needed is a risk-based approach to security — a pro-active, prevention-oriented line of attack to keep your enterprise safe.
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